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Compatible Batteries: Sony NP-BD1 NP-FD1 NP-FR1 NP-FT1. Compatible with the following models:DSC-L1, DSC-L1/B, DSC-L1/LJ, DSC-L1/R, DSC-L1/W, DSC-M1, DSC-M2, DSC-T1, DSC-T1KIT, DSC-T2, DSC-T3, DSC-T3/B, DSC-T3S, DSC-T33, DSC-T5, DSC-T5/B, DSC-T5/N, DSC-T5/R, DSC-T9, DSC-T10, DSC-T10/P, DSC-T10/W, DSC-T11, DSC-T55.1MP, DSC-T900, DSC-T700, DSC-T500, DSC-T300, DSC-T200, DSC-T90, DSC-T70, DSC-T75, DSC-T77, DSC-G3, DSC-F88/ DSC-G1/ DSC-P100/L/L1/R/S/PP/ DSC-P120/ DSC-P150/B/L/S/ DSC-P200/S/B/R/ DSC-T30/B/S/ DSC-T50/ DSC-V3, DSC-L1/DSC-T11/DSC-M1/DSC-T33/ DSC-T1/ DSC-M2 /DSC-T3/ DSC-T5/ DSC-T9/ DSC-T10.

  • Wall & Car Charger Combo!!!

  • Charger is designed with a foldable A/C plug

  • Quick charge with automatic constant current control

  • Smart LED indicator shows charging status

  • A/C power supply input voltage: AC100V~240V



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